Our comment policy allows just about anything except gratuitous attacks on other commenters. Feel free to agree or disagree with us. You can promote your own blog if doing so is on the topic.

You cannot use obscenities or certain super-charged hot-button words ad nauseum. Rac*sm and b*gotry are not tolerated. The advertisers don’t like swearing and the indexing services we rely upon to get our views out don’t want to associate with radioactive websites. Sorry. Here are examples of words that will automatically result in your comment landing in the moderator queue:

fasc*st, Hitl*r, n*zi, rasc*st, and all the potty words.

More than one link in a comment will be moderated for spam prevention.

You also cannot leave personal information on a thread about yourself or someone else, such as an email address, street address or telephone number, even when you say it is a public figure. Since we cannot vouch for such information, we have to error on the side of protecting privacy.

What is especially frowned upon is spamming, which could be putting the same comment on multiple threads, inserting the same comment on multiple blogs, using multiple aliases to pretend you are someone you are not, or copying material from another site or news source since that is a copyright violation. And you should attempt to stay on topic in the posts as much as possible. And you can’t threaten anyone. We don’t want to answer questions from the authorities.

Violators of the comment policy will sometimes get a courtesy warning from the moderator, which is always a final warning. The next step is normally a 30-day suspension from commenting on the site or an outright ban. Suspended commenters are welcome to return in 30 days. Banned commenters can offend elsewhere.

Each writer will monitor their own threads, so it is possible there will be inconsistencies in the application of this comment policy.