There’s probably as many versions of ‘love potion” as there are grains of sand! Below is one of our family friendly favorites …. it’s simple, quick, tasty¬†and pretty!

rasp love potion

Raspberry Love Potion

This can be a fun and festive drink to have with the kids, or you can add a shot of vodka for a more adult drink to share with the one you love. Either way, its refreshing and delicious.

Raspberry Love Potion Recipe

You will need the following:

  • 1 Cup Raspberry sherbet
  • 12 oz of 7-up, Sprite or other lemon-lime beverage
  • 12 oz can of pink lemonade concentrate
  • drop of red food coloring (optional)


Mix the concentrate according to directions on can (add drop of red food color if desired).

In separate pitcher, add sherbet and 1 cup of lemonade.

Pour in the 12 oz of Sprite or 7-up.

Stir well, and serve.

Garnish with your choice of lemon or lime slice, a strawberry or sprig of mint or parsley.

Serves 4 children or 2 adults. Adults may also opt for a shot of vodka for a refreshing cooler with a kick!