They say that if you make someone’s recipe at least 10 times, it becomes yours. I am not sure where I got this one, but I have made it for my family on a regular basis for years.


Chicken Pot Pie


It looks complicated but believe me, it’s not or I couldn’t make it. It’s packed with yummy chicken and veggies and it’s wonderful with hot rolls and a side salad. It’s the perfect comfort food.

Kate’s Chicken Pot Pie

1 Lb. chicken, cubed
2 potatoes, cubed
1 c. sliced carrots
1 c. frozen green peas
1-2 bouillon cubes
1/3 c. butter
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
1/3 c. chopped onion
1/2 c. sliced celery
1/3 c. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper
1/4 tsp. celery seed
1 3/4 c. chicken broth
2/3 c. milk
1 c. corn (canned), drained
2 egg whites, beaten
2 (9 inch) Pillsbury unbaked pie crusts (you can find them near the dairy section by the biscuits in the ‘pop-open’ tubes, it will be a box with 2 crusts included)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In a saucepan, combine chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas, and celery. Cover with water, add bouillon cube(s) and boil for 15 minutes. Remove from heat, drain and set aside.

In a large saucepan over medium heat garlic, onions and celery in butter until soft and translucent. Stir in flour, salt, pepper, and celery seed. Slowly stir in chicken broth and milk. Simmer over medium-low heat until thick (if you like a thinner sauce, add more chicken broth and milk a little at a time until you reach your desired consistency) and add corn. Add the other veggies (potatoes, carrots, etc..) and chicken to the sauce and stir to coat all the veggies in sauce. Remove from heat and set aside.

Place one of the pie crusts in a 9” pie pan (use a deep-dish pie pan if you have one) and lightly brush with egg whites. Bake in the oven for about 5 minutes, remove, and pour in the sauce/veggie mix. It’s ok if you pile it on (we could barely cover ours with the other crust it was overflowing so much!) Cover with the other crust and seal the edges. Cut some slits in the top, brush with egg whites and bake for about 35-40 minutes or until the crust is golden brown.