In yet another recall by the popular company, Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil has issued yet another recall of many of their over-the-counter medications including many types of Tylenol. Sudafed, Benadryl, and Sinutab. For more information on this recall and what it means for you and your health, keep on reading after the jump.


Times have been tough for Johnson & Johnson, as the company has faced recall after recall of their products over the past year for complaints ranging from odors to contaminated products to deficient paperwork. The most recent one was issued on Friday, affecting over 47 million packages.

The latest recall comes after McNeil conducted a records review and found that documents disclosed that some equipment at the company’s Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, plant was not properly cleaned or it was found that the documents themselves were incorrect or deficient. The Fort Washington plant was closed in April following the first round of recalls, and the latest batch was produced their prior to its closing.

In one of the largest recalls issued from them, it affects 37 types of Tylenol, 6 types of Benadryl, 10 Sudafed varieties, and 24-count packages of Sinutab. A complete list of recalled Johnson & Johnson products and their corresponding lot numbers can be found at a website set up by McNeil to keep track of the recalls.

The company has announced that this recall is precautionary, and only affects customers at the wholesale level. There have been no consumer complaints filed about these products, and people who have purchased them can continue to use them.

It certainly has not been a good year for Johnson & Johnson. In addition the onslaught of recalls, the company is also being sued by the state of Oregon in relation to potentially withheld information regarding other recalls this year. Stock for the company is slowly falling, and people are becoming increasingly weary of their products. Can they recover from this and secure their place as a trusted health family product provider?

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