As part of the nutritional overhaul the government is trying to provide for the country, you will begin seeing nutritional labels on many of the meat products you buy starting in 2012, including beef, poultry, lamb, and pork. For more information on this new development and what it means for you and your health, keep on reading after the jump.


As the government and many health advocacy groups try to start cracking down on the obesity problem our country faces, a new mandate on packaged meats has been issued that many feel is long overdue.

Starting January 1, 2012, many popular cuts of raw meats will begin sporting nutritional labels like you see on many of the other foods you buy. The new labels will be required to disclose the calories, calories from fat, total grams of fat, and saturated fat a single serving of the meat contains, as well as information on protein, cholesterol, vitamins, and sodium levels.

For many health advocates this is a long time coming. When nutritional labels became required on many packaged and processed foods in 1994, raw meats were left out and have been stumping consumers who are not properly educated on nutrition ever since.

Heath care agencies are hoping the new labels will help people make more educated decisions about the foods they are eating and the meats they are buying. Some of the types of meats you will see labels on include whole and boneless chicken breast, many cuts of beef such as tenderloins and brisket, as well as ground beef and turkey to name a few. The labels either have to be visible on the packaging or available to consumers at their grocery or butcher.

What do you think of meats having nutritional labels? Do you agree that this is a long overdue development? Will it help people make healthier choices when they are purchasing food? Let us know by leaving us a comment, and be sure to check out this video on the topic below.