The FDA has issued a warning for alfalfa sprouts grown at the Tiny Greens Organic Farm in Urbana, IL, after a recent outbreak of salmonella believed to be linked to the products. For more information on this warning and recall and what this means for you and your health, keel on reading after the jump.


Reports of salmonella poisoning have been pouring in from throughout the Midwest since November, and now the FDA believe they have found the cause of the problem.

On Monday, the FDA issued a warning to avoid sprouts from the Tiny Greens farm after a preliminary investigation has concluded that many of the patients suffering from salmonella poisoning consumed Tiny Greens sprouts.

Aside from the alfalfa sprouts, the warning also includes a mixed called Spicy Sprouts that also contains radishes and clover sprouts. The sprouts were distributed to markets, grocery stores, restaurants, and other customers in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, and possibly other Midwestern states.

The investigation of Tiny Sprouts began after many people who contracted the salmonella reported eating sandwiches containing sprouts from Jimmy John’s restaurants that got their sprouts from Tiny Greens.

However, Tiny Sprouts owner Bill Bagby Jr. has said that none of the samples taken of his sprouts or of his facility have provided a positive test for salmonella. He claims the only link that has been made has been to Jimmy John’s and not to his products.

In response, the FDA has said that they are continuing to investigate the matter, but still urge people to avoid the Tiny Greens sprouts and sprout mixes.

What do you think of the warning against consuming Tiny Greens sprouts? Have you ever had salmonella or any other form of food poisoning? Let us know your opinions on these topics by leaving us comments, and be sure to check out the informational video on how salmonella poisoning works below.