The drug company King Pharmaceuticals has resubmitted its application for their pain killer Remoxy more than two years after receiving their initial response letter from the FDA. For more information on what this drug is and how it could affect you if it gets approval, keep on reading after the jump.

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With so many concerns about pain killer and prescription medication abuse in health care these days, King Pharmaceuticals is finally resubmitting the application for its anti-abuse pain killer Remoxy to the FDA for approval.

Though Remoxy contains the common (and sometimes controversial) pain killer oxycodone, which is also found in Percoset, King Pharmaceuticals is claiming that this drug has very little chance of causing patients to abuse or develop an addition to the medication. Unlike other medications for moderate to severe pain, Remoxy is designed in a time-release capsule that provide extended pain relief throughout the day in two small doses, unlike other oxycodone medications that can be taken at will.

The FDA initially responded to their application back in 2008, claiming they needed more proof that Remoxy would cut down on instances of oxycodone abuse. There are an estimated 7 million Americans who abuse prescription medications, with 5.3 million of the believed to be abusing pain killers.

King Pharmaceuticals announced that it would have to delay the resubmission early in the year, causing the company’s stock to drop. However, the managed to bounce back and are now ready to pursue the redevelopment and marketing of Remoxy. The FDA has 6 months to respond to the application.

What do you think of the Remoxy resubmission? Do you think it is possible to create a prescription pain killer that cannot cause an addiction? Let us know what you think about these topics by leaving us some comments, and be sure to check out the informational video on prescription drug abuse below.