Health and medicine giant Johnson & Johnson is facing yet another recall, this time of antacids Mylanta and AlternaGel. For more information on the recall and what these may mean for you, keep on reading.

All lots have of Mylanta and AlternaGel have been recalled by Johnson & Johnson-Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals in yet another blow to the company this year.

The Mylanta and AlternaGel recall affects all retail and wholesale lots, however, the products are still considered safe for consumer use and are not being identified as a health threat by the FDA.

Johnson & Johnson recalled the antacids because of a labeling error in which a small amount of alcohol from flavoring is missing. Since it is less than 1% alcohol, it is not considered to lead to any alcohol-related health complications. The recall is expected to affect about 12 million bottles of Mylanta and 89,000 of AlternaGel.

This most recent recall is just an addition to a long list of problems for Johnson & Johnson this year. The manufacturer has already had more than half a dozen recalls this year alone, including the largest recall in children’s medical history and a vast Tylenol recall just last week.

Consumers with questions about the Mylanta and AlternaGel recall, or any other Johnson & Johnson recall, should call 800-469-5268. You can view a list of lots included in the recall HERE.

Even though this Mylanta and AlternaGel recall is considered informational and doesn’t pose a health risk at this time, what do you think of the outbreak of Johnson & Johnson recalls this year? Have you been affected by any of these or any other recalls recently? Leave us some comments and lets us know, and check out this video about the recent Tylenol recall below.