The Top Chef four finalists (Ed, Kelly, Kevin and Angelo) arrive in Singapore for the final challenges. They meet at a marketplace eatery where Tom Colicchio introduces them to Seetoh, Singapore’s leading food authority. Seetoh takes the chefs on a tour of Singapore street food, hitting markets and little hole-in-the-wall food vendors. As the night wears on, they arrive at the last stop only to find Padma Lakshmi waiting for them.

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 21:  'Top Chef' television personalities Gail Simmons, Tom Colicchio and Padma Lakshmi arrive at the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards held at Nokia Theatre on September 21, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Yes, it’s time for a Quick Fire Challenge! This is an important one, too, as the winner gets immunity and a slot in the Final Three. The chefs have 30 minutes and only one wok to prepare a dish based on the street food they’ve just been sampling. To make matters worse, the ingredients allowed all have labels in Cantonese, which none of them can read.

Angelo feels most confident but he switches his dish with about five minutes left to go from chili crab to chili frog legs. Kelly does a lobster broth with noodles. Kevin does a lobster and cuttlefish stew. Ed makes a lobster and noodle dish also. Ed apparently made his better, because Seetoh liked it the most and gave Ed the win, and immunity. Angelo is crushed!

The Elimination Challenge is to prepare a menu for an event thrown by Food and Wine’s Dana Cowin and 80 friends. the dishes must be prepared ala mute, made to order. They get $200 to shop and one hour to prep. Then, 90 minutes to cook on site.

At the hotel, Ed talks everybody into doing just one dish. He messes with Angelo’s mind who is still stinging from losing an Asian food cook-off. Ed plans on doing a duo of pork dishes. Angelo plans on a lamb tartare. Kelly wants to make a fish head curry with prawns and Kevin will make a cockle chowder. Tom visits as they prep and is aghast that they’re only doing one dish each. Ed tells him he’s doing two, which irritates the rest. They scramble to come up with a second dish.

The next day at the even location, the chefs get cooking. Angelo’s second dish is a sweet and sour shrimp broth. Kelly makes a cucumber and yogurt soup. Kevin makes 360-degree farm egg with tapioca. Ed creates a banana chili fritter. Ed also takes charge of organizing the wait staff as the guests and judges arrive. The service is confused at times but everything goes well. Dana Cowin thanks everyone, including the chefs, for a memorable event.

At the Judges Table, Tom, Padma, Gail Simmons and Seetoh review all the dishes. All were generally good. Angelo’s broth was a tad salty for some. Kelly’s lacked salt. Kevin’s dishes were executed well but also lacked zing. Ed was named the winner. Kelly was sent packing for home. Next week is the grand finale to see who is Top Chef.