First eggs recalled for salmonella, then beef for E.coli, now ice pops are being recalled for a possible typhoid risk! A number of cases of typhoid have been linked to the Goya Foods brand mamey pulp. This frozen pulp is used by Fruiti Pops which makes a mamey-flavored frozen popsicle. 10,000 popsicles were removed from stores, vending machine, ice cream van and trucks


A worker carries popsicles made inside a factory in Agartala, capital of India's north-eastern state of Tripura July 29, 2010. India's food inflation eased and fuel inflation notched up in mid-July, but the data is unlikely to change the central bank's decisive move towards stamping down on double-digit inflation. REUTERS/Jayanta Dey (INDIA - Tags: BUSINESS SOCIETY FOOD)

Fruiti Pops is based in Santa Fe Springs, California. There has been no directed proof that the popsicles, of the fruit pulp they are made from, has actually caused any cases of typhoid fever. Two case have been confirmed in the Los Angeles County area. Other possible sources could be from mamey-pulp smoothies.

Typhoid is a bacterial form of food poisoning known as Salmonella Typhi. As in the case of other forms of salmonella, typhoid fever can be dangerous if not treated quickly with antibiotics. Symptoms for typhoid are a sustained high fever, weakness and fatigue, stomach cramps and pains, headaches and a loss of appetite. Some patients will develop a rash in the form of flat, rose-colored spots. The only way to know for certain if one has typhoid is through testing stool and blood samples.

There Center for Disease Control only reports about 400 typhoid fever cases per year. So while dangerous, it is rare. One of the problems with typhoid fever is that even when you think you are recovered, you still may have it. Those people who have contracted typhoid recently should exercise additional cautions when handling food or interacting with the elderly and young children.

Fruiti Pops is cooperating with a voluntary recall. The mamey-flavored popsicle is their least favorite, amounting to only one percent of total sales. They will throw out and dispose all recalled product and any of the potentially contaminated pulp in stock. Goya Foods says it will compensate Fruiti Pops for any losses. In addition to stores, the product was also sold out of ice cream van and trucks, as well as from vending machine.

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