$1.6 Million Dollar Ham

Believe it or not, somebody paid $1.6 Million dollars for a ham. That’s ‘Yankee dollars’, too! Not Canadian, not Australian. U.S. greenbacks. The $1.6 Million ham weighed a healthy 16 pounds, which works out to $100,000 a pound! All of this Tom Foolery took place in the Bluegrass State at the 47th Annual Kentucky Ham Breakfast charity auction in Louisville and was sponsored by the Kentucky Farm Bureau. Kentucky is now no longer only known for it’s horse racing and college basketball team, but for having the world’s most expensive ham!

May 1990:  Summer Squall runs in the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Mandatory Credit: Ken Levine  /Allsport

Who would buy a $1.6 Million ham you ask? Two local businessmen brought home the bacon. Bernard Trager, Chairman of the Republic Bank and Trust and Dr. Mark Lynn, who owns Dr. Bizer’s Vision World. They split the deal, each pledging $800,000. The money itself will be split up between the University of Louisville, the Visually Impaired Preschool Services and the Eastern Area Community Ministries.

I suppose it’s difficult to justify a $1.6 Million ham in these days of economic recession. As we see in the video below, the auctioning of breakfast foods is not unique to the State of Kentucky. Perhaps if some fine bourbons were added, then that might make the prize all the more worthwhile. Or at least some good horse racing tips!

Yet still, there is something to be said about the acquisition of a $1.6 Million ham. I think Aristotle said it best — “A ham is a ham. A non-ham is a non-ham. And a ham cannot be a non-ham.” Or was it Popeye who said “I am a ham I am.” Of course, perhaps the most valuable ham in history is William Shatner.

While we’re hamming it up about the $1.6 Million ham, I absolutely have to say this — “We can cure. Smoke it. Glaze it. We have the technology!”

The $1.6 Million ham was produced by Broadbent B&B Foods of Kuttawa, Kentucky. The pricey pork won the grand prize at the Kentucky State Fair. Personally, I was never one for ham with my breakfast. I prefer bacon. Frankly, I’m not a ‘ham person’. But, at least in this case, no matter how you feel about ham, or the price of this one in particular, at least the money is going to good causes.

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