Salmonella contamination is in the news yet again. This time it’s being brought to you by the Kroger Company . They are recalling their Kroger Onion Soup & Dip Mix and Kroger Beefy Onion Soup & Dip Mix due to possible contamination from the bacteria.

Kroger Recalls Two Onion Soup And Dip Mixes

While no illnesses have been reported yet, the possibility of anyone developing salmonellosis necessitated the recall.
Salmonellosis is a potentially fatal bacterial food-borne illness, caused from eating salmonella contaminated foods.

The onion soup mixes being recalled are in many states and have been sold at Kroger, Dillons, Fry’s, King Soopers, City Market, Smith’s, Food 4 Less, Jay C, Scott’s, Owen’s, Baker’s, Gerbes, Hilander and Pay Less stores.

Kroger is advising customers to not eat the product, simply return to the store for a replacement or refund.

For more information, contact Kroger:(800) 632-6900.

We do hope you check your pantry for these mixes. They are pretty much a staple in every household due to their versatility and delicious taste.

That old adage holds true—if in doubt, throw it out, especially if you are unable to return it to the store.
Don’t bother with opening it and giving the smell test as many are prone to do. If you were planning on using a mix today, be sure to exchange it if it came from any of the stores listed, or at the very least, call Kroger at the number listed above.

Do not ignore the Kroger Recalls Two Onion Soup And Dip Mixes warning.
Spring’s around the corner…who needs to be sick !