Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Joan Lobis agreed with the New York City Commission on Human Rights this week in making a determination that it was ” highly unlikely” that the company Aramark had discriminated against Mildred Block, age 85.
She dismissed Block’s age discrimination suit.

Mildred Block, 85: Court Tosses Age Discrimination Suit

Mildred Block had filed an age discrimination suit after her employer, Aramark, replaced her with a younger woman. There’s no disputing that. Her replacement, Gloria Smith is only 75.

Mildred Block had worked Aramark’s beer stand, close to right field in Shea Stadium for a good many years. She averaged around forty dollars a day in tips. Her suit maintains that Aramark illegally yanked her from ‘her’ spot, and placed her in an area where tips were quite scarce.
This occurred during the Met’s last season at Shea Stadium.

Mildred Block, along with her son Marty, accused the Commission of a “one-sided, abbreviated, incomplete and improper investigation.” Try saying that real fast! Or have a few beers and try saying it once!

Aramark has declined to say anything with the exception that they had received complaints of long lines at Mildred’s location. She had a male co-worker 40 years younger, and said “I couldn’t go any faster than he served the beer.”
How true that is!

So we have Shea Stadium closing, and the all new Citi-Field opening and Mildred Block suffering a big loss of income because a younger woman took her place…that pretty much sums it up and I’m inclined to agree with the Judge and the Commission on their ruling.
Inclined too, but don’t.

Marty Block, Mildred’s son, has worked at Shea stadium 1973 and claims he was told by a manager:
“Your mother is an antique dinosaur, old cripple that we do not want at Citi Field.”

I can’t dismiss that statement. American society doesn’t have the respect or compassion for the elderly that other countries do; we’re pretty damn rotten to each other over all.

Mildred surely has a loyal customer base after all her time there, Mildred is 85 and still able to work—why diminish her capacity to do so? It’s rather insulting to be sent off to those little corners of the world—she knows at this point she is being ‘tolerated’.
Loyalty and dedication should count.

Aramark taking away Mildred Block’s ‘spot’ is akin to snatching candy from a child. Anyone can do it, but why would you?

Beer drinking baseball fans aren’t there to gawk at the servers, they’re there for the game.
I would certainly be upset if my favorite server was put out to pasture so abruply, for such a foolish reason.

Mildred Block, 85: Court Tosses Age Discrimination Suit could very well read ‘your name and age, court tosses age discrimination suit some day.

Your thoughts?