Jon Asegir Johannesson and his wife, Ingibjorg Palmadottir, a designer, are being sued by Paramount Realty Group.
So what did they do, you ask? Well, they rented out one of their little corners of the world, located at 50 Gramercy Park North, and had the audacity to renovate on a tight budget…er…make that cheap. Real cheap.

Jon Johannesson and Ingibjorg Palmadottir are uber-wealthy. Iceland’s most gorgeous couple went low-rent tech in a high rent ‘hood. That’s a no-no. Even the homeless in New York know you can’t get away with important things like that!

Jon Johannesson, Ingibjorg Palmadottir Sued For “Ugly’ IKEA Kitchen

Decorating via IKEA is usually considered good enough for the masses, but it simply does not belong in the same zip code as Gramercy Park North. How could anyone put an IKEA kitchen in a ten million dollar apartment?
A better question would be why would anyone care? It isn’t as though people of the ultra-upper class would recognize a kitchen if they saw one, or what it’s purpose was.
And, would Jon Asegir Johannesson and wife Ingibjorg Palmadottir even be familiar with IKEA and it’s accessibility to the ‘little’ people?

From the New York Daily:

Viking retail mogul Jon Asegir Johannesson and his designer bride, Ingibjorg Palmadottir, rented the 16th floor of 50 Gramercy Park North to an outfit called Paramount Realty Group.

“Defendants willfully installed what [Johannesson] defined as an ‘ugly’ kitchen,” Paramount charged in a suit filed Wednesday.

Paramount paid $312,000 in rent to Johannesson and Palmadottir – Iceland’s most glamorous pair – and didn’t expect furniture for the masses.

“The kitchen installed is manufactured by Ikea, which is generally known to offer low-budget furniture,” Paramount griped in the suit.

“It did not rise to the level of a kitchen suitable for a property located at 50 Gramercy Park North.”

The lawsuit also alleges “The kitchen has also been a source of embarrassment for Plaintiff and the subject of remarks by guests.”

The owners are being accused of having bad air conditioning, some missing shower parts and appliances…a window was cracked and OMG! someone had thrown used chicken wings onto the terrace. A 2000 square foot terrace! Oh. The. Horror. Of. It. All.

They are seeking $52,000 for these atrocities.
Oh well..such is their right in our over litigious society.

However, for ‘Jon Johannesson, Ingibjorg Palmadottir Sued For “Ugly’ IKEA Kitchen’ to make any sense to me, I’d have to know that the proceeds from the lawsuit went to one of the many food kitchens in New York. And I’m fairly sure at least one of those would think an IKEA kitchen was perfect.

Here in America, we have people going hungry every day; some even starve to death. Then we have people so snobbish they have to sue over an ugly kitchen, when they could easily do what normal people do—-fix it themselves!

Good grief folks—count your blessings and get a grip! Just because you can sue, doesn’t mean you must!