Americans expect poor quality from our foreign imports but never would we expect the Girl Scouts of America to produce an inferior product. Yet a Girl Scout cookie recall is exactly what we have in the news today.

girl scout cookie recall

The particular flavor is Lemon Chalet Creme which according to the box has an accent over a letter it just like a foreign product, as in Lemon Chalet Crème cookies.

The “girls” claims nobody has become sick from the cookie flavor but many customers have reported terrible smells and odors of all kinds emanating from a box once opened. Reports are that the oils in the cookies might be old.

Who knows for sure, but we do know you are highly encouraged not to eat any of these batches which should be clearly labeled on the box:

7455881, 7455882, 7455883
7456741, 7456742, 7456743
7457661, 7457662, 7457663
7458521, 7458522, 7458523
7459401, 7459402, 7459403

Customers who drew a bad lot can call the hotline for an exchange. Meanwhile all troops who got the shipments will also be notified by headquarters.

Live is tough in the cookie business. When salmenilla poisoning in peanut butter broke out in the United States last year, the company had to issue a press release that those vaunted peanut butter cookes (my favorite) were unaffected. Sales were undoubtedly down because of the bad PR.

Now this(!), a Girl Scout cookie recall making news. Tell us what you think after viewing this funny video.