Cream cheese has to be the most versatile product on the market! Every time I think I’ve come up with a new use for it, someone else does too!
The following appetizer / snacks recipe is kid friendly and not only delicious, but somewhat healthy. Quite cost effective ( if you purchase the packaged cream cheese versus the tub ) and use celery instead of pecans!

Not just great for parties, these little snacks are wonderful to keep on hand during the week as an afternoon snack.

Give them a try!
Party Appetizers, Snacks:

You will need:

Large bowl
Large spoon
Large serving tray
Plastic wrap

1-8 oz. pkg.cream cheese , softened
3 hard boiled eggs- chopped fine
1 small bell pepper -finely diced
1 small onion, minced or diced fine
1/2 cup celery, finely chopped ( substitute pecans, walnuts or green
olives )

2 Tbs catsup
1 loaf of wheat or white bread, crust removed
Seasoned salt and pepper to taste


Soften cream cheese
Remove crust from bread ( you can do this before or after bites are made.

Mix celery ( or nuts/ pecans ) in bowl with chopped eggs, bell
pepper, onion, salt and pepper. Blend well and add cream cheese,
then catsup

Spread mixture on bread to make sandwiches, then cut in 4 squares
or triangles. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate a few hours or
over-night. The longer it sets, the tastier the mix!

Serve on a platter with chips or garnish of your choice. Enjoy!