It’s almost here! The New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl is
Sunday, February 7, 2010 . Kick off time is supposed to be around 6:25pm ET on CBS.

If you’re still in need of a good punch during your Super Bowl party, give this one a try!
Vary the amount of rum with the number of guests, and increase other ingredients as needed.
Remember to encourage responsible drinking and watch out for little children that might mistake this punch for apple juice!

You will need:

Punch bowl
Cups or mugs
large spoon

1 bottle light rum ( pint or fifth..your call )
1-1/2 qt. apple juice
Juice of 1 lemon
large bottle ginger ale
3/4-1 cup sugar

Combine all ingredients but ginger ale. Stir until sugar is dissolved and chill. Put just enough ice in punch bowl to keep cold and add quart ginger ale. Garnish with slices of oranges, lemons or limes. Drink responsibly and enjoy!