Super Bowl anxiety is everywhere…we’re 2 days away from the Saints vs Colts andcounting the hours to the kick off!
Have you decided on your Super Bowl drink recipe’s yet? If you’re having a crowd over, consider punch, with or without alcohol.
The following kick off punch recipe has been around since the invention of the punch bowl ( no..that’s not a game ) and is really delicious, with or without a football game on TV. Give it a try this Sunday!!
Please, drink responsibly, and remind your guests to do like-wise.
Who needs a hangover ???

You will need:

Punch Bowl
Ice cubes
Punch cups / mugs

6 oz. pineapple juice
8 oz. orange juice
3 cans/ bottles of club soda or ginger ale
6 oz. lemon juice
1 pint light rum ( add more or less if desired )

Mix everything but club soda together in punch bowl.

Chill a few hours and then add a small amount of ice to keep cool. Add large bottle ( about 36 oz.) of club soda before serving. Decorate with fresh lime or lemon slices.

Serve, enjoy and don’t let your guests drink and drive!