A Weight Watchers floor collapse occurred at a clinic in Sweden during a weekly weigh-in Wednesday night, January 13, 2010. The floor collapsed beneath twenty or so members.

One of the members made the following statement the Smålandsposten newspaper:

“We suddenly heard a huge thud; we almost thought it was an earthquake and everything flew up in the air. The floor collapsed in one corner of the room and along the walls.”

The floor then continued to break apart throughout the room, causing the uncomfortable aroma of sewage to spread through the area, likely due to the floor being just above ground level. Oh stop laughing!

No injuries were reported and the weigh-in continued in a hallway. Now that’s dedication!

Therese Levin, a Weight Watchers consultant said they will be looking for a replacement facility.

The cause of the Weight Watchers floor collapse remains under investigation. Didn’t I just say stop laughing???

Isn’t it great that those of us with a few extra pounds can laugh at our various predicaments? Can you even imagine being a member of that particular group? There has to be a few humorous Holiday weight gain food stories going around!

While I think America holds the title of most obese nation, in an odd way it’s comforting ( albeit not as comforting as food ) to think that maybe we should forfeit the title.

I admit to being a bit puzzled…I always thought Swedish women ate like birds and were toothpick thin. Just shows you can’t believe everything you hear about another nations citizens. I find myself wondering now if they’re truly natural blonds…or is this just another myth to intimidate brunettes!

What do you think of the Weight Watcher floor collapse? Could this be a food issue, or is this something else we can blame on former President George W. Bush?