Fast food burger rage appears to be on the rise, with McDonald’s being in first place this week for having the most irritated and violent customers.

No sooner do I finish telling you about Melodi Dushane and her alleged little McDonald’s tantrum New Year’s Day, when out of nowhere a video surfaces of an incident at a Kansas City, Mo. McDonald’s….. showing another out of control, enraged customer on Dec. 27th, 2009.

After eating a hamburger, a woman decided it was unsatisfactory and requested a refund of her money. McDonald’s declined, offering her another burger instead. The still unidentified woman went into a rage, grabbed a water container and sent it sailing over the counter. She then proceeds to throw straws, cookies, floor signs, pretty much everything but herself, over the counter. Still unhappy, the woman continued with her hissy fit by shoving three registers to the floor.
The loss to McDonald’s is said to be a couple of thousand dollars.
Be sure to check out the video!

The woman was gone by the time police arrived, but she is clearly seen on the video…even adjusts her hat a few times while seemingly trying to keep her mad on…or perhaps to entertain her captive audience of customers and employee’s.
Police in Kansas City would like you to call their TIPS hotline (816-474-8477) if you know this person. Or you can leave a tip at the Crime Stopper’s site here.

Is anyone else getting a bit fed up with these food rage episodes? Is this the newer and quicker way for someone to get themselves a few minutes of infamy? Gosh, folks, we’re talking fast food here, not brain surgery or rocket science.
Personally I don’t care for attitude or violence with my burger and fries.
Let’s hope the powers that be can eliminate or at least bring these incident’s under control before someone actually gets hurt.
They could start by teaching their employees the difference between honey mustard and BBQ sauce. Sorry..couldn’t resist putting my pet peeve in here.

Your thoughts on Kansas City’s McDonald’s rage? Or any of the fast food rage rampages going ’round lately?