Melodi Dushane, 24, of Toledo, Ohio has been arrested for allegedly smashing a McDonald’s drive through window when she was denied chicken McNuggets.

The incident occurred around 6:20 am New Year’s day when Melodi Dushane drove up to the window in her white Mercury and ordered the McNugget’s as well as other dinner items. When informed that dinner items were not available after 2:30 am, Ms. Dushane allegedly became upset and punched McDonalds’s employee Melissa Vasquez in the mouth. The night manager, Tia Walker, came to the window and Dushane supposedly took a swing at her and tried to pull her through the drive through window. When that failed, Dushane punched the window, breaking it and sending glass flying everywhere.


Photo courtesy of Lucas County jail and The Smoking Gun.

Police were called and Melodi Dushane was arrested for felony vandalism and lodged in the Lucas County jail after being treated at a local hospital for her minor injuries. Her court date is January 28th and she has been ordered to stay away from that McDonalds.

Fast food rage seems to be a growing phenom! For the past few years we are treated almost weekly to another story about a fast food place and an enraged customer. Admittedly, I find some of these stories funny and other stories I can almost relate to, but violence over chicken nuggets isn’t one of them.

Now I believe there has been a decline in acceptable fast food service. It’s no longer fast, and at least half the time your order ends up being the wrong one, but what can you do? Do we have to waste our time and others, going through our entire order before we leave the window? Should fast food places be forced to change their menu and times of service to accommodate a few of us?

I think not.

I know that I, for one, am capable of a hissy fit when I end up with BBQ sauce instead of my requested honey mustard. I am infuriated when I can no longer order breakfast during the specified time because a manager wants to start on the lunch time rush. Have I cursed under my breath? Oh yes! Have I ever called 911 or punched someone or some thing because of my unhappiness? Hell no, and I doubt you have either. I reserve my tantrums for the privacy of my home, where I swear I will never patronize that particular fast food joint again. But of course I do, because they eventually have to get my order right …. or so I keep telling myself.

Melodi Dushane’s arrest for hitting an employee and smashing out a drive through window brings fast food rage to a new low. Violence is just not acceptable and neither is calling 911 because your order is wrong.

Learn to read the signs, the menu, and deal with the fact that you’re not always going to get what you want. It’s a part of life. If you have a complaint, call the store manager or corporate office. If you were in the right, they will make it right. Put yourself in the employee’s shoes just once, and resolve to be a bit kinder this year.

We are often more at fault than the employee if we’re honest with ourselves. The above statement does not apply to the person that cannot tell BBQ sauce from honey mustard though!

Your thoughts?