As if travelers didn’t have enough to cope with over this holiday season, we had Northwest/Delta flight 253 disrupted on Christmas day by an alleged would be plane bomber.
Today, December 27, 2009, Flight 253, inbound once again from Amsterdam to Detroit had to make an emergency landing at Detroit Metro Airport again.

Reports are that a Nigerian passenger spent an hour in the bathroom and after coming out he was questioned by the flight crew. At that point it’s alleged that he became “verbally disruptive” and “unruly.” The crew asked for emergency help on the ground and the plane landed safely at 12:34pm EST.

Flight 253 was taken to the end of a remote tarmac where passengers were allowed to deplane after about an hour.

The incident is being described as a non-event. An immediate investigation determined that the passenger was a Nigerian business man that had become ill during the flight. Hopefully it wasn’t due to airline food!

Of course being ill doesn’t give anyone the right to verbally assault anyone, anymore than being rich, i.e. Ivana Trump’s alleged tirade on a Delta flight to New York yesterday. Reports state she became upset at disruptive children and launched a verbal attack on the flight crew. She was removed from that plane by police after refusing to leave voluntarily.

I believe almost every traveler’s nerves are frayed right now, but we have to take all of these incidents seriously. Never has “better safe than sorry” made so much sense.

Northwest Flight 253 emergency landing again within 48 hours strains our hearts and souls. A mere coincidence? At this time it appears so. The incident is over, everyone is safe and the main stream media has their lead story for the next few days ( barring any other incidents)

We need to follow the new rules and regulations put in place since the near bombing of Flight 253 on Christmas day. And we need to be patient, diligent and above all, kind to each other in these troubling times.
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I wish you all a safe flight, wherever you’re bound.