While sitting here sharing Holiday recipe’s, news is breaking about an American Airlines plane crash tonight in Kingston, Jamaica.

This evening, 12/22/2009 just a few minutes past 10:00pm EST the American Airlines plane crashed upon landing and broke in two. The crash occurred at Norman Manley International Airport.
There’s no report of casualties at this time.

American Airlines Flight 331 originated in Washing, DC but arrived in Kingston amid heavy rain.
An official at the airport stated the plane overshot the runway and some passengers were sent to the local hospital.

Passenger Naomi Palmer told the Jamaican Observer “The plane crashed and broke almost in front of me”. She admitted to being in pain.

Flight 331 was carrying 145 passengers and 7 crew members . Reports are that everyone exited the plane.

We will update you as information becomes available. We’re just grateful that as of now, no fatalities have been reported and just 40 people report injuries on American Airlines Flight 331.
Christmas miracle. anyone?