Oh gosh…what to do when you realize it’s too late to mail your Christmas cards or you simply forgot to address them, or maybe you balked at the increasing prices and decided not to purchase any and are now guilt ridden?
There is real hope for you! Free online Christmas cards from just about everywhere!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just lazy, simply forgot, or what your reason might be for no longer sending Christmas cards via USPS. The weather where I live factored in to my decision to quit sending them. I live in a very rural area and my mailbox is a block away…the roads are seldom plowed and postal service is hit and miss. We don’t actually have a real employee of the USPS…the carrier is sub-contracted and shows up when he feels like it…not everyday. Also impacting my decision at the time was the rapid increase in the cost of stamps…I seldom get postal service but pay a zillion times more for stamps? No thank you, USPS.

My guilt was lessened a little bit when I discovered free online cards. At that time, years ago, they were all free. However, it costs to maintain most websites so now the variety of free e-cards is somewhat limited yet they are widely available if you do a bit of searching/ Googling. I have included the links to my favorite places below.

Take note that while there are many great free online cards, most websites offer a yearly subscription for a nominal fee. i.e. Hallmark allows you to send unlimited cards for about ten bucks a year.

The hardest part is deciding what card to send the recipient. If I know someone is very devout and easily offended at the commercialization of Christmas, I make a conscious effort to send a card regarding the reason for the season. However, I am one that believes laughter is great for any occasion ( except death of course ) and I try to believe that most people enjoy a good chuckle anytime.
For several years now I have been in love with the Hoops and YoYo characters. There has not been a single time, regardless of mood, that I haven’t left that site smiling and hope that the recipients of these cards open them and laugh.

With that said, you better get busy looking…only 72 hours left! Isn’t it great to know that you can wait until midnite on the 24th and your card will be there Christmas day?

If you have an opinion on free online cards, I’d love to hear it. While I enjoy them, that doesn’t mean everyone else does. It’s enough for me to know that someone thought of me when they sent it.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Links to my favorites:
123 Greetings
Blue Mountain
American Greetings