Here we are, with about two weeks left of Holiday sales and much of this country is *under the weather* so to speak. Holiday deals this time of the year are enough to excite the biggest penny-pincher’s among us; we brave the snowstorms and blizzards and ice and travel wherever we have to, just to save that extra buck.

Every mall, main street and outlet has a Holiday special of some sort and rumor has it that Holiday sales are up this spite of our sick economy. Then along comes the weather from hell…wait that’s not right, hell implies warmth and there’s none of that in the Midwest!

“Tis definitely the time to be grateful for the internet! Thankfully, any Holiday sales we might miss at our local stores can be found on E-bay, Craigslist, Amazon and so forth.

The Holiday deals we were determined to pick up at our local Sears, Target, Wal-mart or Penney’s can all be found online, so if you’re snowed in, keep your PJ’s on and spend the day shopping online. Grab your list, a cup of coffee and get busy!

If you’re inclined to take a break, click over to Right Pundits and watch Obama give his Nobel prize speech. He might even offer shopping advice! Meanwhile, if you’re among the hundreds of thousands dismayed by this storms impact, we might open up a live can shop the Holiday Sales and tell us what your weather is like, and whether or not you can actually travel the 2 miles to the mall, wherever you are!

If your local police department advises that you stay off the roads, please listen to them. No Holiday sale event is worth even a minor fender bender. You may find your local Police Dept. online scanner here.

Stay safe, stay warm and shop, shop, and shop some more. Don’t forget to look for online coupons and free shipping while browsing for your best Holiday deal!