Ever wonder what a very old bottle of Vieux Cognac might sale for? Wonder no more! We just found out. A 1788 Cognac sells for $36,935 in Paris. Apparently everyone isn’t feeling the pinch of the recession.

The bottle of Vieux Cognac dates back to the year before the French Revolution, 1788. Marie Antoinette still had her head and was probably lounging around the Royal Ch√Ęteau of Fontainebleau eating cake, getting fitted for yet another pair of shoes and sipping a really superb French wine. Perhaps she and King Louis XVI had a bottle of this Cognac. Just to give some perspective of when this cognac was bottled.

The 1788 bottle of cognac was put up for auction by the Tour d’Argent restaurant on the left bank of the Seine in Paris. It was built in 1582 and was popular with French Royalty before the French Revolution. So it’s very likely that Marie Antoinette did, indeed, sample that cognac. The name of the restaurant translates to ‘Tower of Silver’. The restaurant is cleaning out its enormous, well-stocked cellar and putting 18,000 bottles up for auction. The wines from the Tour d’Argent cellar are widely considered the best in the world. Wine-lovers throughout the world are bidding on the rare wines at auction.

The younger red and white wines in the auction did not draw the price of the cognac. Twelve half-bottles of 1989 Chateau Haut-Brion sold for $8,968. Six bottles of 1988 Vosne-Romanee sold for $9,337. Two other bottles of the historic 1788 cognac were sold, one for $31,123 and the other for $27,462.

The proceeds from the 1788 cognac that sold for $36,935 in Paris were donated by the restaurant to the Association Petits Princes, a French charity that grants wishes to sick children. The Tour d’Argent is using the remaining proceeds of the auction for renovations that may be needed at a later date. Even with the sale of so many bottles of wine and spirits, the restaurant’s cellar is still stocked with approximately 432,000 bottles, stacked for to ceiling, in the underground caverns.