Either way you say it, FAIL! This is not a recipe for Chicken Cocaine nor Cocaine Chicken. Cocaine is not listed in the recipe’s for chicken stuffing anywhere. Apparently 32 year-old Wagner Mauricio Linares Aragon thought it was among the spices and herbs used in baking a chicken when he carried the fully cooked fowl through customs at Dulles International Airport.

Linares Aragon, of Guatemala, was arrested after officers at the airport decided his chicken deserved further scrutiny. They performed a cavity search and called foul on the fowl after discovering 60.4 grams (2.3 ounces) of cocaine hidden in two separate plastic bags deep withing the bird’s body cavity. That’s roughly $4300.00 USD of “coke”.

“CBP officers have seen many unique narcotics concealment methods, and they all present the same challenges to discover them. Our officers’ inspection was very thorough and earned solid results,” said Christopher Hess, Customs and Border Protection director for the Port of Washington.

Agents turned Wagner Mauricio Linares Aragon and his chicken cocaine over to Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police. He is awaiting trial on felony drug charges in Loudoun County.

I doubt the jail will have stuffed chicken on it’s menu, but if it does, I’m sure Mr. Aragon will decline. Of course thinking he could stuff a chicken with cocaine and not get caught makes me think he is already full of bologna and won’t have an appetite for awhile.

Meanwhile, do not try this at home. If you must stuff, try Stove Top…you don’t really want to run *a-fowl* of the law! Chicken cocaine appears to be a recipe for disaster….especially if you’re smuggling it through an airport!

Your thoughts?