Dr.Ramin Pourandarjani, 26, has died from an allegedly poisoned salad. This is the fourth explanation given by the Iranian Government. He is known as the whistle-blower in the Iranian prisoner torture scandal last summer.

Ramin Pourandarjani was performing his duties at the Kahrizak prison near Tehran during the much disputed June election. Hundreds of demonstrators were brought there to be tortured and beaten. An unknown amount of deaths resulted from prisoner abuse. Perhaps poisoned salad would have been more humane.
Mohsen Ruholamini was one of those that died from the torture.

Mohsen Ruholamini was from a very conservative and prominent family and the outrage over his death lead to Kahrizak being temporarily closed.
It’s alleged that Dr. Pourandarjani was forced to sign a document stating that Ruholamini died from meningitis.
However, Dr. Pourandarjani appeared before a parliamentary committee and testified that Mr Ruholamini was indeed tortured, and that he had also received death threats.

The Iranian Government has so far stated that Pourandarjani’s death on November 10th was a suicide, a car wreck, a heart attack, and now from a poisoned salad.

Prosecutor Abbas Dowlatabadi would like us to believe that Dr.Pourandarjani ordered a salad to be delivered, took possession of said salad, and added a lethal dose of propranolol ( a drug used for high blood pressure )
The prosecutor questioned and cleared the delivery man, but acknowledged it could be murder. He also insinuated suicide, claiming the Doctor was facing 5 years in prison due to negligence at Kahrizak.

Very few believe this was suicide. Most believe he was killed because of what he knew.

Masood Pezeshkian, a reformist MP, said yesterday: β€œIt is impossible to accuse him of suicide … The idea of suicide by someone who had no problems and no serious diseases β€” and was present during the events in Kahrizak β€” seems questionable.”

We are unlikely to ever know the truth. There’s little respect for human life and zero respect for human dignity in Iran.

To use a salad…something that is supposed be healthy and good for all, to murder someone…well, that’s just wrong folks. “Poisoned salad kills whistle blower” makes a lousy headline ( and gives your family an excuse not to eat their greens )

I doubt we need to double check our salads here, but can you imagine living in a region where you do?