Samuel Adams Utopias is pushing the new limits in extreme beer. The Boston brewery is boasting a $150 per bottle beer with 27% alcohol per volume, the highest alcohol level on the market. Read more below and see a video.

Samuel adams brewery

Jim Koch, founder and owner of the Boston Beer Company, the maker of Sam Adams beer has managed to earn the title of making the strongest beer on the market. The brewery has released an updated version of their biennial beer, Utopias. The beer has a 27% alcohol by volume content, 5-times stronger than a Budweiser.

Extreme beer is banned in 13 states. John Koch noted that he was pushing the envelope and has taken Utopias to limits the law makers in those 13 states couldn’t have imagined. Those states include Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, and West Virginia. But more interestingly, sales for $150 a bottle. I don’t think frat boys will be buying a case for a beer party.

Utopias is aged for 15-years in barrels at the Boston Beer Company’s brewery in Boston. It’s aged in barrels similar to those used to age Scotch whiskey and sherry. The beer is a dark amber color with a tinge of rose. The beer flavor is like cognac and has a hint of vanilla, honey and maple flavors. It is sold in a ceramic copper bottle that looks like a miniature brew kettle.

Since the time-period for processing the beer is so long, it is only available every two years. During this holiday season, Koch is only releasing 10,000 bottles for sale.

Extreme Beer: Samuel Adams Utopias Pushing New Limits – Video