Do you want to know how to cook a turkey? Call the Butterball help line, 800-BUTTERBALL to get your questions answered. Experts are standing by today waiting for you to call the turkey help line!

turkey help line

For those who hate trying to spell things on a telephone, that turkey help line number is 1-800-288-8372.

Must you be cooking a Butterball turkey or will any do? In my book a turkey is a turkey so fib a little if needed and consider buying their brand next time!

Cooking a turkey is a stressful experience for many people. Remember cooking your first turkey? You were lost and confused as you desired to impress the in-laws. Many women (and men) panic and become overwhelmed.

How long do you cook the turkey? How do you know when a turkey is done? What is the proper temperature? How do you deep fry turkey? How do you barbecue turkey? What is basting all about? How do you stuff a turkey safely?

It is a seriously cool thing that they have experts standing by at the Butterball help line waiting to assist your cooking chore. They do this every year from November through December so use the service any day, not just on Thanksgiving.

The phone bank opened in 1980. They have 50 staff people who answer the phones and will take over 100,000 such questions this year from people just like you and me. Read more facts on the website.

So call the Butterball help line 800-BUTTERBALL, which is 1-800-288-8372.

Here is a vintage video for how to cook a turkey. Enjoy!