Paula Deen , celebrity chef on the Food network was injured by a flying ham. Ok…it really wasn’t flying, someone threw it and she was accidentally injured when said ham landed on her nose.
Hope you weren’t expecting a Paula Deen ham recipe!

Paula Deen was born Paulann Hiers in Albany, Georgia on January 19, 1947, which makes her 62 years young.
She overcame agoraphobia and panic attacks that left her a virtual prisoner in her own home and went on to become one of the top Southern chefs in the world. She premiered “Paula’s Home Cooking” on the Food Network in November of 2002.

While being smacked in the nose by a flying ham isn’t normally news-worthy, this incident has captured the attention of half the world…Paula Deen and her willingness to share all those wonderful Southern recipes puts her close to the top in this celebrity driven world.

Paula epitomizes Southern charm and hospitality. She is also a celebrity that gives back to the community. The flying ham incident took place during a charity event for Hosea Feed the Hungry in Atlanta, Georgia. While handing out hams, someone tossed one, hoping it landed in a storage bucket. Long story short, the toss missed and hit Paula in the face. She was only slightly injured, suffering a sore nose and her solution for that is an ice pack.

Celebrity chef Paula Deen got more than she bargained for when she went to Hosea Feed the Hungry & Homeless to make a donation on behalf of Smithfield Foods.

As hams were being tossed down a relay line Monday morning, an eight-pounder whacked Deen in the face.

The errant ham “hit me full long in the face and ’bout knocked me cuckoo, but I’m fine,” a laughing Deen told WXIA-TV. She iced her nose to keep down the swelling.

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We are all glad that the Paula Deen ham toss… while donating her time and energy to helping those in need, was not seriously hurt. We are equally thankful this Thanksgiving that it wasn’t a frozen flying turkey.
I can’t help but wonder what folks would be saying if someone was throwing cream pies and one landed in her face. The outcome would be far less painful for the 2 time Emmy winner!

Keep icing the nose Paula, and feel better soon!

-Paula Deen Hit With a Ham