Say it ain’t so! If you’re one of the many consumers that has noticed the lack of Eggo waffles in the freezer department of your grocery store, you’re not alone. The reason behind the shortage sounds a bit unbelievable, but Kellogg is standing behind their explanation.

An Eggo waffle shortage isn’t the end of the world, but might be the end of breakfast for those that can’t start their day without these delicious, toasted treats. We go through a lot of them here…or did. Different flavors, hot buttered syrup, only a minute or so to prepare and we are off and running for the day! They aren’t just any waffle, they’re EGGO waffles, and ” Leggo my Eggo” is repeated often among the younger set. Ok..I say it too, sometimes, but gosh they are so good!

Kellogg, the maker of these tasty and somewhat addictive waffles has this to say about the shortage:

Eggo recently experienced supply constraints caused by flood damage at our bakery in Atlanta. In addition, we’ve been making significant equipment and technology enhancements at our other waffle bakeries. Unfortunately, these repairs and upgrades are taking longer than anticipated.

And furthermore:

Eggo is working around the clock to bring everyone’s favorite waffles back to store shelves as quickly as possible. We hope to regain full distribution of Eggo products by the middle of 2010. This is a top priority for Kellogg Company.

Their website can be found here in case you’re inclined to call and say “please hurry up”!

Who would have thought that those horrible Georgia rains and all the Atlanta flooding would affect our consumption of waffles? An Eggo waffle shortage doesn’t sound plausible!

But alas, we do have an Eggo shortage….so if your grocery store hasn’t run out, best to stock up. Mid 2010 is a long time to wait for an Eggo!

Yes, we all know how to make our own waffles, but these are Eggo’s! It’s just not the same!