Perhaps you remember the “Men on a Mission” calendar created in 2008 by Chad Hardy. No? Well, it’s the calendar that featured 12 young Mormon missionaries, with and without their shirts and it caused quite a stir. Chad Hardy was excommunicated by the Mormon Church and denied his diploma from BYU.
He has now created the controversial “Hot Mormon Muffins: A Taste of Motherhood” for 2010.

Hot Mormon muffins are actually well known, delightful muffins made in many flavors with a thick buttered sugar coating. But that isn’t the focal point of this calendar; attractive and provocatively posed Mormon women/Mothers are.

Chad Hardy doesn’t like stereotypes and wants to show the world that Mormon’s aren’t a bunch of stuffy white shirts or subservient women standing around awaiting their next orders.
According to Hardy:

“For Mormons, the most holy calling next to missionary work is motherhood, but they’re not all the subservient housewives that people think they are.”

The calendar features women ages 26 through 53. Waitresses, stay at home moms, real estate agents and a breast cancer survivor are among the models. The calendar sells for $15.95, with a *portion* of the proceeds going to breast cancer research. There is an actual muffin recipe included each month, by the way.
I suppose the upside to this is the men buying the calendars will be baking muffins each month for the family!

One of the models, Tami Roberts, 35, says she attends the Mormon Church and is raising her daughters with the churches values. She then says the calendar’s “pinup poses and slightly revealing outfits aren’t in keeping with the message of modesty promoted by the church”, but she is not ashamed. She admits to having a tattoo or three, also against Church policy.
To quote Ms. Roberts, the cover model:

“The pictures are tasteful, and it’s fun. I don’t see why people can’t have a sense of humor. I just don’t think it’s a big deal.”

You may read more about this conundrum here.

Part of me wants to agree with Ms. Roberts, but after thinking about it I personally find it offensive to women, as well as the Church. Usually when someone joins anything, they are aware of the rules, regulations and everything associated with it. By joining, you are accepting these terms and I don’t believe you have the right to jump in and upset the apple cart, so to speak. You either believe in and abide by your Church and it’s teachings, or you remove your fanny from the congregation.

Isn’t it enough that we have sexualized darn near everything? Do we really need to sexualize a Church or it’s members? I think not.

Don’t get me wrong…I think a Hot Mormon Muffins calendar is a great idea…who doesn’t enjoy a great muffin? However, I do feel that another approach, i.e. Norman Rockwell, would be far more appropriate. Especially for my kitchen, where children roam free and don’t need anything censored there.

What do you think? Will you be buying the “Hot Mormon Muffins: A Taste of Motherhood” calendar, or will you simply Google “muffin recipe” when you have the baking urge?

See the calendar here.