If you have little ones,( or even older ones)chances are their minds are on candy and other
Halloween cookies, treats, parties and costumes.
One of the oldest and easiest Halloween cookies “recipes” is below…well, it’s actually a recipe cheat born of frustration and short notice that you have to supply a treat for some event! I’m a Grandmother now and I remember my own Mother making these. The variations are many, so relax, grab the kids and enjoy yourself…these cookies are “done” in minutes. No cooking involved!

You will need:

Large baking sheet
wax paper
Microwavable bowl for melting morsels

Ritz crackers ( or generic equivalent )
Peanut Butter ( I use Jif creamy )
White chocolate morsels- 12 oz bag ( substitute chocolate morsels or use both! )
Sprinkles! Orange and chocolate…or buy the Halloween premixed -about 2 oz.

Make peanut butter sandwich cookies with the crackers. ( Use the amount of peanut butter you or the family desire )
Place cookies on wax paper lined cookie sheet.
Melt the morsels in the microwave ( start at 20 seconds, stir, repeat until melted ) or you can melt them in a pan on the stove….but why dirty a pot!

Using tongs, dip each cookie in the morsel bowl, OR…use a tablespoon and drizzle over each cookie( use enough to run down the sides.
Add sprinkles to top of cookies before the “frosting” hardens…that takes just a few minutes.
You’re done!
Enjoy right away or store in airtight container.

Tip: We have one child that will not eat peanut butter. ..so we use raspberry preserves instead. Use your imagination and have fun!