The long awaited Windows 7 was finally launched on October 22, 2009. It is supposed to make up for the heartburn…I mean heartache, caused by Vista.
One of the promotions involved in the launch may well cause actual heartburn, however. Burger King in Japan launched it’s 7 patty whopper! ( maybe that’s lunched it’s 7 patty whopper )

Known as the Windows 7 Whopper, it consists of seven meat patties instead of the standard two and is over five inches high! The first 30 people of the day to order this whopper of a deal may purchase it for $8.55 ( USD ). The thirty first person along with the rest, have to pay $17.10! ( USD ) Whoa!

I won’t dispute that Japan is well known for unusual gimmicks, and this is no exception. It’s only available for 7 days ( someone really likes 7’s ) and will likely do no harm to anyone’s heart or digestive system in that brief time, but would you buy one? Does anyone know if there is a common denominator in hamburger and computer operating systems?
I think I missed whatever point this promotion is trying to make!

Would you try the 7 patty whopper if it were available in your area? Would you want to see it as a regular item on the Burger King menu?
I must say I wouldn’t bother…unless of course they changed it to a 7 layer chocolate anything! Then I’d pay attention!

I’m curious folks, what do you think of the Windows 7 / Burger King 7 patty whopper promotion? Would one convince you to try the other?

A picture of this belly buster is available here.