I have finally learned to appreciate the convenience of refrigerated cookie dough, thanks to my granddaughter. At six, she loves to *cook*, as long as it doesn’t involve anything more than one or 2 ingredients. The ghost cookies below are a delight for children to make and they don’t last long. You might want to make a double batch to keep on hand through Halloween!

You will need:
Large cookie sheet
Couple of kids ( optional? )

Cooking spray ( we use Pam )
1 pkg. refrigerated cookie dough, any flavor
1 can cream cheese or vanilla frosting ( any brand )
Half a bag chocolate chips ( substitute raspberry chips )
About 2 oz of sprinkles ( optional )


Preheat oven according to directions on cookie dough package.

Use 1 Tbs. dough for body and about 1 tsp.for head. Shape cookie dough into ghost shapes on greased cookie sheet. Bake 9-12 minutes or until browned. Cool 1 or 2 minutes on cookie sheet then place warm cookies on serving plates.
Frost when cooled, and use chocolate chips, pointy side up, for eyes. Add sprinkles to *body* if desired. That’s it! Have fun and enjoy!

Note: Raspberry chips may be substituted for chocolate chips if you have a child that wants ghosts with *bloody eyes*.