Bet you thought you would find a recipe by that name and not some old grandma going on a rant. Not today. Some things need to be said, even on a food blog, about the sorry state our country is in, and some of the insane laws we could do without.
This is another Michigan story that in my opinion, ranks right up there with the woman not allowed to watch her neighbors children at the bus stop. Let me explain.

There is a program called GAP. It stands for Good Agricultural Practices, and more and more stores are calling for farmers to be a member before they will be allowed to sell their produce at local grocery stores.

Farmers must keep meticulous records, all staff must wash their hands before working, and non-employees and animals must be kept off the property. These are just a few of the rules that must be obeyed in order to be certified.

Jenkins Potato Farm in Kalkaska, Michigan is GAP certified. In years prior, they donated all left over potatoes to families that came on the property and dug them up. They have ten ( 10 ) tons of leftover potatoes this year that will now go to waste because of the non-employees part of the rules. TEN TONS!
While being GAP certified is not mandatory, more and more grocery stores are insisting on it. This is an outrage, especially in today’s economy.

This is yet another new government program that was put in place without any actual thought. Obama and company can eat Wagyu steaks, yet the poor and hungry can’t even harvest a bag of potatoes. Adults and children alike don’t mind eating potatoes three times day when they’re hungry. There’s so many recipes available you can barely recognize the potato in them.

I hope some merciful congress critter sees this and implements an exception to this ridiculous law. What a waste. Ten ( 10 ) tons of potatoes about to rot because because our current government doesn’t give a damn!

Think about this problem on a national level, folks.
Your thoughts?