There’s nothing quite like warm cinnamon toast and oatmeal on a cool fall morning! If you’re tired of buying the expensive pre-mixed butters so readily available, give this recipe a try! My grandmother kept this on hand year round as far back as I can remember( the early 50’s ) and I occasionally add vanilla to it for variety. It’s great either way and is also a kid friendly recipe. Cinnamon toast cut in triangles can be a delicious after school snack, too. There’s something about food cut in triangles that really appeals to the little ones!

You will need:

electric mixer or egg beater
small bowl
large spoon

4 Tbs butter, room temperature ( I use real butter but margarine may be substituted )
2 Tbs sugar
1& 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla ( optional )


Add all ingredients to bowl and mix on lowest setting until well blended. Adjust sugar and cinnamon if desired.

Store in covered container in fridge, but bring to room temp before use. Enjoy on toast, bagels, biscuits or any snacker you prefer.