Looking for a different condiment for your sandwiches, crackers or garlic toast? Give this easy Avocado butter a try…it’s not only nutritious, it’s delicious, too. The little one’s would not eat it the last time I made it…you know how kids are when something looks *different*…they just make up their minds they don’t like it before tasting it. This time around, I used my granddaughters nickname, and called it “Tink’s Special Butter”. They would have eaten the whole bowl if we had let them…so if you have a picky eater, simply choose a name that will get their attention and try it then…you might get lucky! You can always explain Avocado’s later…when they’re 30 or so. :-)

You will need:

Blender or food processor

1/4 cup lemon juice
1 # butter ( not margarine )
1 large Avocado, peeled and pureed
salt and pepper ( optional )


Puree Avocado, mix in bowl with lemon and butter until well blended, place in serving bowl and chill until ready to use. It really doesn’t get much easier!