Many families with small children keep a few staples around … like frozen whipped topping. Pudding cups. Fruit cups …. child friendly items.

For children in the 3 and upward range, take a container of Cool Whip, thawed and put in large bowl. Have the little one choose their favorite pudding flavor … allow then 5-6 cups, and hand them a big spoon.

Let them make their own whip, mousse, fluff or whatever they want to name it.

It’s a wonderful distraction. Looks good, tastes better and can be made using all sugar free products, also. This has the added plus of not being too messy, as children tend to love the *clean up* involved with this.

Have them experiment…

Follow up with great praise, and you have a budding chef in the making! Although, truth be told, that’s not always a good thing.